Get It Together

library-yogaI started going through the 200 hour registered yoga training (RYT) in September of 2015 at YogaOne in Cedarburg, Wisconsin.  I thought it was time. I started practicing at home after my son, TJ, was born to try to put myself back together. Whatever “together” means. The death of my father, nursing school, and pregnancy left my mind, body and spirit feeling drained. I was running on empty. I had exercised regularly prior to all of the changes in my life, so I knew what to do physically, but it was like I needed something more than few push-ups and bicep curls to get things together. Whatever “together” means.

After practicing at home for a while, I decided it was time to venture out to a studio.  I wasn’t quite sure where to go.  My friend told me about hot yoga. Just the sound of doing a Sun Salutation in 95 degrees was not my idea of fun, said my mind. My mind also told me, “we need to get it together before we step into a studio.” But, my heart said, “try it.”  So I did. And I loved it.  My favorite instructor taught a slow flow class. Anyone who really knows me, is aware that there is nothing fast about me, so moving into the postures at a slower pace was right up my alley.  It became my treat to myself.  Yes, I said treat. It was just what I needed after a long weekend of taking care of others at work and taking care of my family during the week. This was my time to be “Denna”, not mom, not wife, not nurse or daughter.  Just, Denna. It may sound strange, but it felt refreshing. Getting it “together” was starting to take on a  new meaning to me.  Whatever “together” means.

Part of being me, is sharing what I have learned to help others.  My Dad’s mantra that he lived by was to make things better for the next generation. I rolled my eyes when he said it to me all the time, (the eye rolling occurred figuratively, of course). But his mantra has become a way of life for me.  So, the same friend that told me about hot yoga, told me about YogaOne studio in Cedarburg. I looked at the website for over a year before I contacted them. Again my mind said, “not yet, after we get it together.”  But my heart said, “do it, now.”  So here I am.

One of the requirements of the RYT, after sitting for hours of listening and practicing, are to get some volunteer hours. What’s the purpose? To get out there and teach some yoga, according to Meg Galarza, owner of YogaOne and one of my instructors.  Maybe she did not quite put it that way. Okay, maybe she did. But, the thought of going up to someone to ask if I can do yoga was a little intimidating. I felt I being pushed from the nest, because YogaOne had become like home away from home. So, I decided to do Yoga at the Library because I thought it would be a great way to connect with my community and build yoga relationships. After all reading and yoga go together, right? Maybe not, but so far, it’s working.

I have met some amazing people that had some interest in yoga, some who have never experienced yoga, others that have. In the photo, are a wonderful group of ladies that allowed me to guide them through their practice this evening.  It really is an honor to share part of my journey with them. I look forward to meeting new people as I continue on this journey to get it together. Whatever “together” means.

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