Veggie Soup

I enjoy soup for several reasons. One of the things that I enjoy about soup is that I can throw a bunch of veggies in a pot and walk away. I like recipes that are simple, clean, and easy to clean up. The most complicated part about this recipe is chopping the veggies. Of course, I could use frozen veggies, but I prefer fresh. But, it is ultimately your recipe, (well it is now), so you choose what you prefer. This veggie soup literally took about 15 minutes to prepare, including the chopping.

When I first started on my wellness journey, I would take supplements. But I learned along the way that nutrients, vitamins and minerals can be found in the foods that we eat. For example, I read that onions may be useful in fighting inflammation and building immunity. So I started incorporating fresh onions into my diet to give my immune system a little boost. It is not a cure all remedy, but I figured it couldn’t hurt. And it makes the soup tasty.

Chopped Veggies sautéed in Olive Oil

As always, I don’t use measurements for my recipes. I can hear you saying, “how will I know how much to put in?” Well my Friends, that is the joy of cooking. Simply allow your tastebuds to tell you what your recipe needs. Experiment with different herbs and spice blends to perfect your recipe. I promise it is an adventure worth taking.

For those of you that like to play it safe, I will give you a base to start from. But promise me that you will venture out and tweak the spices as you continue along. I would love to read about your soup creations.

  • Carrots (one medium, peeled)
  • Onions (one medium)
  • Garlic (3-4 cloves)
  • Celery (1 celery stalk)
  • Fire roasted diced tomatoes (14 ounce can)
  • Lentils (one cup)
  • Salt, pepper, garlic powder, lemon pepper, Cajun seasoning, smoke seasoning,
  • Veggie stock
Everyone in the pool!

Instructions: Sauté veggies in Olive Oil. Add can of tomatoes. Add can of veggie stock. Add lentils. Let simmer for 60 minutes or until lentils are soft. Enjoy with crusty bread or over brown rice.

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